About us

It is constituted in MÁLAGA at the beginning of the year 1977, and its birth obeys the union of a certain number of almond farmers of the Province, that with the support of the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, and alarmed before the serious situation of the sector, they decide to make against commercial speculation, through the concentration of supply, for the best defense of prices and interests of small farmers.

This Producer Organization is created on the initiative of the partners themselves, in order to promote the concentration of supply and the regularization of prices in the production base.

In this way, the aim is to improve the final quality of the product and meet the demands of consumers, helping to increase the profitability of the partners’ production.

Almendrera del Sur, S.COOP.AND., Currently groups approximately 4,200 farmers throughout Andalusia.

Service to partners

Through the different training courses, communications and technical seminars, we are continuously informing our cooperative members of the different developments in the aspects of cultivation, marketing, aid and subsidies. Technical assistance in the field to our producers. Advantages that lead to a powerful and joint commercialization.

Commercial aspects

The main economic activity of Almendrera del Sur, S.COOP.AND. is the Manipulation, Classification, Industrialization and Marketing of the Almond and Dried Fruits Production obtained by the partners in their farms, which must obligatorily contribute to the cooperative, committing the Entity to commercialize in common all the production obtained and contributed by the partners. This joint marketing defends better the product in the markets and provides greater added value.

Currently, our Entity has exceeded a level of export of its products of more than 70% of the total production trying to get our almond, one of the most precious treasures of the Mediterranean diet to all corners of the planet.

We have a commercial department to meet the requests of our customers as well as any person, individual or company that is interested in our agri-food range, carrying out the work of advising the client. We also have a distribution team to carry out our commercial and distribution work and thus be able to get our products to any geographical point.

For any commercial management you can contact our commercial department, by email: comercial@almensur.com or on the phone 952 420 020

Almensur store

Our SHOP, located within our cooperative and open throughout the year to the general public, including any individual, where you can find a great agri-food offer … From our best almonds and nuts to oil, olives, preserves, sausages, hams, cheeses, wines, sweets, nougat and in our ECOLÓGICA cupboard a wide range of organic products. Without forgetting a whole range of ecological products.

We put at the disposal of the client all the quality of our products, fruit of the highest demand and professionalism that characterizes Almendrera del Sur.

Get to know our store, available inside our facilities.

Complex of facilities of Almendrera del Sur, S.C.A, 20,000 m2 dedicated to the production of nuts.


Our central facilities are located on a plot of 20,000 m2 and consist of several warehouses. They are located outside silos for storage of nuts, silos for wetting the almond prior to its partition, partition machinery, grain dryers, electronic machines for cleaning grain, hoppers for packaging, cleaning bench, calibrators for the selection of the grain by size, automatic weighers, electronic of last generation to select the grains by length, by color, etc …

Likewise, there are several collection centers strategically located in Andalusia to facilitate our members collecting their almonds. We have a line of machinery to repel nuts and all the elements of drying, electronic classification, calibration and packaging for the peeled grain.

Finally, and completing the production cycle are the machines for the industrialization of nuts: flours, granules, slices and sticks.

There are machines to pack nuts for preservation of the natural product, with protective atmosphere or vacuum.

Add the processes: Fried, Toasted and Smoked within the industrialization of our products.

We control the entire process and guarantee the highest quality of our products through certificates.

Quality badges and representations

  • IFS Certificate (International Food Standard)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification
  • Kosher Certificate
  • CCertificate of the Junta de Andalucía (Gobierno de Andalucía)
  • Certified Organic Agriculture